Horizon2020 MaTHiSiS

MaTHiSiS is a 36-month project funded by the European Union under the H2020 work programme that will assist the educational process for learners and their tutors and caregivers by creating a novel and continuously adaptable “robot/machine/computer”-human interaction ecosystem. This system enhances vocational training, workplace learning and mainstream education. The project is implemented by the MaTHiSiS consortium that consists of 18 partners from 9 different Member States. The consortium is very well balanced including research centres, universities, public administrations, and big and small companies.  This ensures the innovation value chain merging technologies and education together.

From a technological aspect, the MaTHiSiS project makes use of cutting-edge technologies that range from specialized robots and mobile devices, to interactive whiteboards, and advance these to a greater degree of integration into the market. As a result having the “ICT use in Education” market in mind MaTHiSiS creates a whole new educational ecosystem-as-a-product, seamlessly adaptable to specific needs.

In order to ensure the wider use of MaTHiSiS products, there have been 5 diverse use cases selected, covering a wide spectrum of users, spanning from regular learners and trainees to learners with special needs and learning difficulties. These use cases are being tested through three different pilot phases: Driver, Assisted and Real-life pilots. This three-phase approach allows testing the MaTHiSiS system throughout the project’s lifetime in an iterative and augmented way and thus, ensuring the adaptability of the system.