The Institute offering guidance in advanced technologies and providing researches, developments, consultancy, training and related services as far as knowledge of information communication and mobile technology are concerned.

The Institute mission – to promote high quality competences with the regards to development of knowledge society .

The Institute seeks to achieve its aims trough multiply objectives:

  • Initiates and coordinates development of the application of innovative technologies in the process of education.
  • Initiates and coordinates international ICT in education and culture projects.
  • Promotes international co-operation of educators and students on a web and mobile technologies based learning platforms.
  • Promotes training courses on computer literacy and use of innovative technologies in education.
  • Develops and disseminates the mobile learning tools.
  • Organises and undertakes research on the practices of the modern ICT in education and culture field.
  • Organises in-service courses for adults on how to use ICT and how to apply this knowledge in education.
  • Consults in the field of preparation for international projects.
  • Initiates and support educational community in ICT and mobile technology use for education.